How do I get something removed from search results on Google


How do I get something deleted from google search - Are you or your business the unwilling subject of a damaging news article on Google and want to get it removed from the Google and Internet? By the end of this article, you will learn how to remove unwanted search results links from the Internet permanently.
How do I get something removed from the Web Search?

Hi, I’m Usama Jahangir, an SEO expert, and I work daily to help clients remove online content from news from google searches. Sometimes newspapers report on criminal matters that have since been expunged or sealed, and sometimes they report on other matters that portray the story’s subject in an unflattering light. The one thing that they all have in common is that their continued presence online has created great hardship for my clients. In this article, you will also learn how negative online news articles can damage your personal and professional reputation and how long it takes to remove negative information from the Internet. Most adults can still remember a time not too long ago when having something negative published in the news didn’t create a permanent black mark on someone’s reputation. The majority of news circulated to national audiences.
After publication, stories were quickly digested by readers and then mostly forgotten.
If someone moved to a new location, the odds of the article being discovered by someone there were low. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. In the digital age, most news platforms publish stories online, and many have gone back and digitized old stories that were originally published in print. Search engines like Google rank news stories high in search results so that they appear on the first page of results anytime the person’s name is searched as a keyword.
Negative news articles can have devastating effects on the reputation of both individuals and businesses. As many people have learned the hard way, your online reputation often precedes you when you meet new people. I have worked with many people who suffer from a great deal of daily anxiety and stress. These stories can cause missed opportunities to pursue higher education, obtain jobs or promotions, and grow their businesses in the professional realm. In the personal realm, these stories can damage relationships, cause pain for family members, and result in people having great difficulty meeting new people socially because of the fear that they will face judgment from others. Unless you do something about it, these online articles will stay published forever and can become a permanent fixture on the first page of your search results. While every situation is unique, we recommend taking the following steps to seek the permanent removal of news articles. First, contact the news website or online news publication directly, and second, contact Google to remove outdated negative articles from search results. The first step in contacting the news publication is determining who to reach out to with your request. This person often has a title such as editor, news director, or something related to digital content.
Every outlet is different, but if a publication is a local newspaper or a news station, any decision to remove an article is more likely to be internal to the publication. If the news organization is part of a larger media company, corporate policies may outline how any removal is to take place, if at all. If the publication is part of a college or University, it might mean that any contact will have to wait until school is in session or be reviewed by an editorial board or an adviser.
What you need to do
Now, if you are facing difficulties removing it, the best method is to push down negative news from the first page, and it is called suppression, in which you push positive information up by promoting links, as you can see in the picture.
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