Introductions of the team!


Hey everyone, lets take a moment to introduce ourselves and get to know some of our brothers and sisters and scout family from around the team!

My name is John Androsoff, I am a Scouting Relationship Manager with Scouts Canada. Currently celebrating 2 years on the job here at the Edmonton Adventure Centre/Northern Lights Council Office.

I grew up in and around Southern Alberta, Calgary for most of my life. Scouting was a majority of my time, when I wasn’t competitively curling, wrestling with the University of Calgary Dinos Program, playing football, practicing my trombone for jazz band, or riding my mountain bike.

In 2012, I met a girl, she became apart of my Rover Crew… 6 years later, we are now married and living in Spruce Grove with our Schnoodle (Dog), Radar, and calico cat, Pyro.

In my spare time when I am not working with the local youth network in NLC or my “pesky rovers”… I can be found roller-skating circles and practicing/training/weight lifting etc, for my roller derby league. Just recently I have signed my paperwork to play in 2019 as a chartered rostered member of a MRDA (Mens Roller Derby Association) team based in Calgary, called The Glenmore Reservoir Dogs.

My goals for 2019 moving forwards are to work on getting all my YN/Rovers Woodbadge 2 for Canadian Path, spending more than 9 weekends under canvas this summer, and to lead a healthier lifestyle through activity and healthy choices (working on shedding some fluff!!).

At the end of the day, I am usually around and accessible and willing to connect. If you have some great adventures and you need a ~35yo voice of reason (I did not say responsible adult…), please let me know! I am more than willing to make changes to my plans and to assist when I can!

Have a great week everyone and welcome to the forums!